We offering great opportunities for :-Ladakh wise Trek & Tour endless joy exclusive tour for Senior Citizen 55+.

You have tremendous experience of developed country, now time to get an experience in the isolated and backward lifestyle of Himalaya, Ladakh The Ladakh wise trek and tour designed for senior citizen of 55+.

Our mission is to create exiting and joy full experience for senior travellers. The idea that adventurous programs are not for people over 55+ is wrong. The carefully designed open itineraries, small groups, excellent caring guides and staff can make their dream of adventure come true.

Senior travellers are very safe in Ladakh Himalaya. We pay extra importance to senior citizens tours. Either a single, a couple, or in a small group of the same age, we offer unique and interesting programs. Our leisurely and comfortable programs are combined with two three hrs drive after excursion village old monastery short trek one or 2 hrs and relaxing at Deluxe camp or local home stay, morning and evening meditation and yoga, discourse photography and other such activities unexplored village to village hake, visiting small school, get experience old traditional and cultural of Ladakh. You will also get an opportunity to see how other remote senior’s citizen in this world.

The Great global Expedition plans a comfortable tour choosing the best hotels and best Guest House houses, or Fixe camp with attached bathrooms and other special facilities while trekking. The tours are specially designed for senior citizen so that you will get undisturbed rest. Our guides are trained specially for senior citizens requirement.

Ladakh has been always most welcoming nation for senior tourists. The modern infrastructure and facility development in Ladakh have made senior travel easier to approach by air or Road.

Our tour program is trying to go out of materialistic infrastructure to reality life livening since many centuries. Ladakh is world famous heritage sites more than 1000 year old monasteries, cultural sites, hotels and resorts have always attracted senior tourists have been senior's first choice, some remote villages there are no any infrastructure of Hotels, Resorts or guest house, our company will provide you comfortable camps with our own Kitchen you have choice of meals for comfortable stay.

WISE- TREK & TOUR Himalaya ladakh

WISE- TREK & TOUR Himalaya ladakh

Trip Duration:
12 Nights - 13 Days
Best Time:
all the year